The Chosen brings the Bible to life and gives us a glimpse into the untold stories of its characters. It's a privilege to support this project and share the message of Jesus.
The Bible has always been a source of love and inspiration for me. I can't get enough of reading about the people and their stories. I'm always curious about what they were thinking and feeling in those pivotal moments. That's why The Chosen is perfect for me. It brings those stories to life and gives us a glimpse into the backstories of the characters. The writers do an incredible job of staying true to the Bible while weaving together different narratives. I feel privileged to support this project through donations and buying gifts. Recently, my three grandchildren and I decided to wear our Chosen t-shirts to school. It's a public school, so we knew we would get questions. And we did. But we were prepared with answers. I'm not the type to push my beliefs on others, but if someone is curious, I'm more than happy to have a conversation. My grandchildren and I were proud to promote the show and share the message of Jesus, who is the reason behind it all. I want to encourage the team behind The Chosen to keep up the amazing work. I will continue to support you financially and with my prayers. It may not be much, but every little bit counts. Just like the story of the loaves and fishes, even a small offering can make a big impact. God bless you all.