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Find out more about the differences between "Donate to Come and See Foundation" and "Pay it Forward to Angel Studios" in these frequently asked questions.
What’s the difference between “pay it forward” and “donate?”
The Come and See Foundation is a non-profit foundation where your tax-deductible donation is used to support the production, marketing & translation of The Chosen. "Pay it Forward" is an optional method of payment to Angel Studios, which benefits Angel Studios, and a portion of it also benefits The Chosen.
I have a “pay it forward” monthly subscription, what happens with that?
The Angel Studios app is where your “pay it forward” subscriptions and payments take place; Angel manages all that. You can of course continue it, and your existing subscription will continue unless you say otherwise! Any questions regarding PIF can be directed to Angel Studios as always.

Note: “Pay it forward” subscriptions do not continue with the new Chosen app, nor do they transfer to become donations to Come & See. “Pay it forward to Angel Studios” and “donate to Come & See” are different transactions.
Why the confusion? Why the separate apps and options? I just want to support The Chosen, but you’re making my brain explode!
Just breathe, we’re with you. We get it, it’s definitely confusing at the moment. Here’s the deal:

Angel Studios is a platform with multiple projects, including The Chosen, which they helped launch (the show doesn’t exist without them). Paying it forward is currently their primary funding and payment model, and yes, part of that will continue to go to The Chosen.

The Chosen is a separate company, and we’ve formed a new distribution partnership with the Come & See Foundation, a non-profit that owns the new “The Chosen” app.

When you donate to the Come & See Foundation through “The Chosen” app, 90% of your donation goes to the production of future episodes and seasons. 10% stays with Come & See so they can exist and operate.
Still confused?

Ways to Give

Come and See is a 501(c)(3), non-profit ministry that exists to further the reach of The Chosen through new language translations and distribution strategies. Your charitable donations are tax deductible. There are various ways you can contribute to the Come and See Foundation: