I want people to know they can be saved and their life can be different and they can actually have hope
My journey as a Christian began amidst adversity and danger. After converting to Christianity, my family and I faced severe threats in Tunisia, which led us to seek refuge in the Middle East. Here, I became part of the Lighthouse Arab World ministry, using media and art to spread the evangelical message. My life took a significant turn when my son introduced me to "The Chosen," a series depicting the life of Jesus. Watching it, I was immediately struck by its artistic depth, the stunning cinematography, and the powerful portrayal of characters, especially Matthew. It resonated deeply with me. "The Chosen" was more than just a series for me; it was a revelation. I saw my own experiences of rejection mirrored in Matthew's life, bringing a sense of connection and understanding. This spurred me and my team at Lighthouse in Egypt and Lebanon to embark on a significant mission: translating "The Chosen" into Arabic and other languages. We recognized its potential to reach hearts in a way few other things could, aiming to make it accessible in 100 languages. The impact of "The Chosen" on the youth across the Arab region has been extraordinary. In places like Beirut, Egypt, and Syria, young people, Christian and non-Christian alike, are experiencing Christ in a completely new light. They're engaging with a story that they've never understood so intimately before. Our work with "The Chosen" is not just about translation; it's about opening doors to new perspectives and hope. It's an opportunity to show God's love and salvation in a way that's relatable and transformative. This is why I'm so passionate about this project – it's more than a series, it's a tool for change, offering a new vision of hope and redemption to all who watch it.