The Chosen brought me closer to the authentic Jesus than any other depiction ever has. It ignited a passion within me to spread this series throughout the world.
I've spent my entire life as a Christian, consuming every portrayal of Christ in film and television that I could find. Yet, it wasn't until I watched "The Chosen" that I felt a profound connection to the authentic Jesus. From the very first episode, when Jesus called upon Mary Magdalene, I was hooked. I knew this was something special, something different. The series ignited a passion within me, a dedication and determination that I had never felt before. I was compelled to treat it with a reverence that was new to me. I wanted to see this series reach every corner of the world, just like the shepherd boy in the first episode who declared the birth of Jesus, insisting that people must know. From that moment on, I was all in, and I've remained so ever since. "The Chosen" has had a profound impact on my life, deepening my faith and bringing me closer to the Jesus I've always sought to know.