May 14, 2024

Come and See Marks Translation Milestone of THE CHOSEN

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / April 4, 2024 Come and See, which exists to ensure all seven seasons of THE CHOSEN are globally accessible and translated into 600 languages, today announced the milestone release of over 50 language translations now available in The Chosen App.

THE CHOSEN is a groundbreaking historical drama based on the life of Jesus, seen through the eyes of those who knew him. Come and See is able to make THE CHOSEN possible due to the generosity of supporters around the world joining in the mission to translate all seven seasons of the show into 600 languages, distribute it globally, and keep it free for all in The Chosen app. The Chosen app currently provides full access to the first three seasons of THE CHOSEN in over 50 languages, exclusive bonus video content with the cast, biblical roundtables, and exclusive documentaries.

“We love seeing the difference Come and See is making — having The Chosen in 50 languages is quite an accomplishment. We’re thankful for the role they’ve played in helping us become one of the most watched shows in the world,” said Kyle Young, Executive Vice President of Distribution and Marketing for THE CHOSEN.

“The world is eager for the hope of Jesus, and we are inspired at Come and See to introduce Jesus in a way that feels natural and real to believers and non-believers worldwide through the groundbreaking translation of The Chosen,” said Stan Jantz, CEO of Come and See. “We know this is no easy task and are incredibly fortunate to have Rick Dempsey on our team, leading the efforts to ensure translation consistency and integrity. Rick spent 35 years at The Walt Disney Company, where he led creative teams in translating and dubbing Disney, Pixar, Lucas and Marvel projects. Our team works alongside pastors and ministry leaders in every corner of the globe to ensure translations are accurate and reach the hearts of all people in the language they know best.”

“We are excited to unveil the exceptional translation efforts for The Chosen featuring distinguished dubbing artists, skilled translators, and premier studios worldwide,” said Rick Dempsey, Senior VP of Creative and Global Localization for Come and See. “This marks the beginning of a groundbreaking journey toward 600 subtitled languages, including 100 dubbed, aiming to set a new record for the most extensive localization project ever undertaken so that one billion people can engage with Jesus. We eagerly anticipate bringing The Chosen and the story of Jesus to global audiences in their native tongues, ensuring the highest quality viewing experience.”

Access to Seasons 1, 2, and 3 is available for free through The Chosen App. Please visit for the most up-to-date translation information.

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The Come and See Foundation is a faith-based nonprofit that exists to share the authentic Jesus with at least one billion people worldwide. Because of the generosity of supporters around the world, Come and See is able to ensure that all seven seasons of “The Chosen” are made globally accessible, translated in 600 languages, and free for all.