Season 5 Filming Continues—and So Should Our Prayers

Your prayers are making a difference, from Goshen, Utah, to the ends of the earth.

Laura Gish
Jun 17, 2024

You’ve been faithfully praying over the production of Season 5 of The Chosen, so I want to share news of something special your prayers helped make happen: throughout the month of April, over 600 Chosen fans made their way in and out of the stunning mountainscape of Goshen, Utah, to serve as extras for filming. And when all was said and done, the whole process wasn’t just exciting and efficient; it was deeply meaningful to those who participated. It certainly was for one fan named Sarah, who had this to say: 


[I watched] the cast, crew, extras, medics, police department, and more at work, and the amount of moving parts in a five-minute stretch of filming was mind-blowing. Witnessing the meticulous orchestration of all the details was like seeing the Body of Christ in action, with each part contributing to the whole. 

And you are embracing your part in the Story through your prayers—prayers that not only brought over 600 fans to Utah, but have brought The Chosen to millions of people all over the world via it having now been translated into over 50 languages. How cool is that?

Thank you for wrapping up this work in a beautiful covering of prayer. And please don’t stop! Here are 3 ways to keep praying for Season 5 as filming continues and more translation work is underway—all so that one day, one billion people will hear the message of Jesus:

  1. Pray for Filming and Production: After five weeks of filming in Goshen, Utah, the cast and crew head to Weatherford, Texas, for six more weeks of filming. This involves moving lots of people, which involves lots of logistics and a whole lot of work! Pray for protection over travels. Pray for blessed technology. Pray for God’s favor over the myriad of details—from set design to rehearsals to good weather. (Summers in Texas can get hot!) Ask the Holy Spirit to move through each actor, extra, stunt person, and production team member as filming continues. Pray for the awe-inspiring message of Jesus to be captured for God’s glory through every aspect of filming and production. 
  1. Pray for the Cast and Crew. There’s over 135+ cast members supporting Season 5 of The Chosen. We think of their faces: Jesus, Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Andrew, John, Big James, Little James, Thaddeus, Thomas, Simon, Philip, Nathanael, Judas, Mary Mother…and more! Pray for the actors, producers, and set teams—and for all they’re carrying both within and outside their work with The Chosen. Pray for their strength and protection in the challenges they face. Pray for their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Pray for the presence of God to surround them. Ask for God’s leading over each member of the cast, crew, and production team as they fulfill their unique purpose and calling. May each member of The Chosen story experience fullness in Jesus. 
  1. Pray for Expanding Global Impact. From iPhones to homes, churches to prisons, college campuses to remote villages, Season 5 of The Chosen will touch hearts around the world. Pray for God to prepare individuals, families, and communities to grow in knowing the authentic Jesus through this new season. Pray for the continued efforts to translate Seasons 1-5 of the series, free for all . Offer thanks that we have released 50 languages on The Chosen app—and pray for God to raise up all that’s needed for the show to be available in hundreds more, that a billion people might hear the voice of Jesus, just as Mary Magdalene did: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1. 

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