“Ordinary” Prayers, Extraordinary Outcomes

Big things are happening; let’s keep praying.

Laura Gish
Apr 18, 2024

We’re right there with you: it’s hard to believe the everyday living-out of our faith is anything other than ordinary. But with God it all brings about what’s nothing short of the extraordinary. And while this might surprise us, it really shouldn’t. God has always chosen the ordinary to unveil the extraordinary. What may feel seemingly insignificant—a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish, a mustard seed, time, treasure, a simple prayer—always manages to become fodder for divine work.         

Listen to how Lisa, a faithful member of our Prayer Crew, has experienced the power of Jesus through The Chosen and is discovering the miracles found in ordinary obedience:


"I have had the honor and privilege and joy of knowing Jesus all my life. But I found I was taking my faith for granted. And then The Chosen came along. It has ignited an excitement in me that recalls what Paul wrote to Timothy: “This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you. For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:6-7, NLT)
Through The Chosen, my heart is once again feeling alive with the possibilities of what God can and will do with a simple soul who says, "Yes." I am a therapist, and I often use The Chosen when talking with my patients. I have recommended that several of my clients download the app to watch it. Any chance that I get, I spread the message of Jesus and refer folks to The Chosen to rekindle or introduce them to faith.
My story is not extraordinary; on the contrary, it is quite ordinary. Because I believe that conversion is ongoing, I am thrilled that I can be one of the many conversion stories of The Chosen. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this prayer team.”


And this brings us to you—our Prayer Crew! Thank you for bringing along what might feel like ordinary prayers to then watch God do the extraordinary. Because your prayers for Season 4 have done just that. The theatrical release topped faith-based box office records this year, which means people all over the world are encountering the authentic Jesus. 

So, thank you. And let’s keep it up—especially as we count down to the streaming release of Season 4 on the app. Here are 4 ways to pray for even more extraordinary things to happen:   


1. Pray and watch Season 4 on The Chosen App when it’s released. Hopefully you have seen Dallas’ video talking about the Season 4 app release—if not, check it out here. Let’s pray for resolution so that even more people all over the world, in living rooms, campuses, prisons, remote villages—you name it—may experience the abundant life found in knowing and following Jesus.

2. Pray and engage in The Bible Project reading plans. Have you seen these Bible-reading plans yet? They merge the best of the first three seasons of The Chosen with timeless insights from The Bible Project. You can explore previous reading plans, featuring Seasons 1-3, and Season 4 will be released soon. Pray for faith, hope, and love to be ignited as readers engage these journeys and discover the power of God’s Word.

3. Pray and involve your church community with Season 4. For the first time ever, you can bring Season 4 of The Chosen to your church community. That's right—you can team up with your pastor to host special screenings at your church for free. These watch parties can begin on March 12, with episodes 1 and 2, followed by Episodes 3 and 4, beginning March 24. (Dates for remaining episodes are TBD). To screen these episodes at your local church, send your pastor to comeandsee.net/church to learn more. Pray for church communities to encounter Jesus and grow in him as they participate in these special promotional screenings. It all lines up beautifully with the Easter season, doesn’t it? 

4. Pray and join in small group discussion. As you watch Season 4, are you eager to reflect on the impact of this series with your community? We are too! To inspire your friends, family, or small group in discovering Jesus through Season 4, we’re delighted to offer free downloadable discussion guides. Following The Chosen’s promotional screenings in churches, guides will be released in conjunction with episode release. You can access the discussion guides here. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide meaningful dialogue and lasting discipleship through heartfelt discussions. 

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I love helping people pray. And this is the work I coordinate through Come and See! I believe every follower of Jesus can experience the awe-inspiring power of prayer. Jesus’ life and teaching shows us the beauty and mystery of this spiritual practice. Talking with God as Jesus taught makes the unimaginable possible – and it changes us in the process. For the last 13 years, I’ve helped to mobilize, resource and direct praying communities to rally around the transformational experience of collective prayer. Together, let’s join in prayer for the message of Jesus to reach 1 billion people through The Chosen!