New Season, New Audiences

Learn 4 ways to pray for The Chosen’s Season 4!

Laura Gish
Mar 15, 2024

The numbers are staggering: more than 200 million people have watched The Chosen worldwide. And on February 1, 2024, Season 4 was released across 2,300 theaters, reaching thousands more, while topping box office charts on opening night. But we know these are not just numbers; they are lives transformed through the powerful storytelling of The Chosen. People like Joy, who shared:

“I’ve been a Christian since childhood, but The Chosen allowed me to experience Jesus in a new and profound way. It was as if I was falling in love with Him all over again. I am immensely grateful for The Chosen for bringing Jesus closer to me in such a unique way.”

You need to hear this: your prayers, taken together with the tireless work of the writers, producers, and the cast and crew, help ensure that millions of people get to experience the authentic Jesus—the one who dances at weddings, cracks jokes with his friends, works diligently to prepare a speech, and gets what it’s like to be human. Even more so, millions of people get to hear his invitation to follow him. 

As Season 4 continues to roll out in movie theaters—and with streaming just around the corner—we have to keep praying! In fact, let’s pray for an even bigger impact all over the world. Dallas Jenkins, creator of The Chosen, describes Season 4 as their heaviest yet, with events ranging  from the death of a friend to increasing opposition and hostility. Things are getting intense. As miracles abound and kingdoms clash,  we’ll see a Jesus who knows joy, anger, and grief. And we’ll see a Jesus who extends love, comfort, and truth. The Chosen continues to reveal a Jesus people all over the world can connect to, cheer for, and fall in love with either for the first time or all over again. 

So, are you ready to keep praying? 

Let’s pray this new season will reach more audiences with the message of Jesus around the world. And here’s how you can do just that! Check out these 4 ways you can pray for Season 4:   

  1. Pray for continued success in the theatrical releases. Opening weekend (February 1) exceeded expectations for ticket sales. As the theatrical launch of Season 4 continues throughout February, pray for more people to see the series and for growing media exposure to draw even more people to experience Jesus through The Chosen.
  2. Pray for the release of Season 4 on The Chosen app. As always, Season 4 will be available for free on The Chosen app in March. Pray as fans watch the series with their family, friends, and faith community. Pray for the series to inspire meaningful conversations, prayer, and interaction with the Bible. 
  3. Pray for viewers to encounter Jesus. As Season 4 further explores the nuances of joy and struggle, pray for viewers to encounter a deeper relationship with Jesus through the unfolding story. Pray for this series to minister to those who have suffered loss, whether it is the death of a loved one or the loss of a relationship, health, security, or finances. Pray for those who are alone in the burdens they carry, that they might experience the nearness of Jesus. Pray for those needing a breakthrough to witness God’s transformative power.
  4. Pray for global audiences to engage with The Chosen. Pray that Season 4 will reach more people in more places. Pray for the Come and See team as they work with global partners to make the show available to people living in remote, hard-to-reach locations. Pray for the continued funding of Season 4 to be translated into 95% of the world’s majority languages—that’s over 600 languages across the globe.
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